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How to Ask Users to Review Your App and Not Annoy Them


Positive app reviews and ratings matter. The more you have, the better your chances to rank higher in App Store search and get more downloads. Asking your users to rate and review your app is a great way to increase the number of reviews. For this strategy to work, you need to:

1. Have a great app that deserves a high rating
2. Ask users to rate the app without annoying them
3. Make the rating process quick and easy

A couple of years ago the most popular approach to asking for a rating was to schedule pop-ups to appear after a certain period of time (for example, on app open after three uses). This approach was not very effective because it diverted people from using the app and affected app engagement. Not to mention that some apps had too many pop-ups that annoyed users to the extent that many went to leave a one-star rating.

A much better tactic is to ask for a rating at a high point. For example, when the user gets something done or finishes a level if it’s a game. This way you have better chances to get a higher rating because basically you’re asking for a review when the user’s satisfaction level is high. Remember that everybody hates pop-ups, so try to time yours in such a way that people have the time to get to know your app and give you constructive feedback.

When you’re asking people to rate and review your app, simply ask them nicely and don’t beg. The more natural your sound, the better the result. If you are using pop-ups to funnel positive feedback to the App Store and divert negative feedback to your support team, ask people questions and make sure the text on the buttons answers them. Keep things casual, friendly and intuitive.

Remember that your requests to rate your app always interrupt the user’s experience. It’s you job to make these interruptions as natural (and not annoying) as possible.

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