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4 Design Elements You Should A/B Test in Your App


It’s not a secret that your app’s design is often responsible for your app’s success or failure. The design decision-making process is hard and is all about making choices that work. A/B testing will help you create the optimal design for your app. Here are four design elements you should A/B test in your app.

Colour contrast

Gone are the days when the colour theory was for artists only. Your app design should utilize the main principles of the colour theory and use complementary colours to draw the user’s attention to crucial design elements. One of the main things to A/B test is high colour contrast vs. low colour contrast where you increase the contrast of your important elements.


It’s good practice to put your calls to action inside containers to distinguish them from the rest of the content. However, this doesn’t mean using just any container – A/B test different containers and shapes, and don’t forget to test the no container version just in case.

Focal Points

In your design, focal points are where the user’s eye rests. You should use natural focal points to draw the user’s attention to important design elements and increase the app’s usability by making it more intuitive. A/B testing your focal points will help you make sure they lead to the right UI elements, make calls to action more distinct and support your design overall.

Button colour & copy

Buttons in your app are very important. They affect user experience and conversions. Test different colours for your buttons to determine the one that works best. After that, don’t forget to A/B test button copy because inappropriate copy can kill even the best design.

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