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U.S. App Store Milestone: Over 1 Million Available Apps


Today the U.S. App Store passed an important milestone. According to Appsfire, it now has more than one million of available apps. Back in October Apple said that it had over a million apps across all the stores, but this is the first time there are more than a million available apps in just one store.

The interesting bit is that this news was not released by Apple, but an app discovery platform. The reason for this may be that Apple does not care about the number of available app all that much. What it really finds important is the number of downloads and revenue paid to developers. Incidentally, Apple has paid developers more than $13 billion in total.

Apple launched the app store in 2008, and now it has roughly 1,500,000 of apps. Most of these apps are for the iPhone with only about one third of apps optimized for the iPad. This shows that developing for the iPhone (and iPod Touch at the same time) has been a lot more popular than adding iPad support to apps.

The amount of apps on the U.S. App Store shows that developing for the iPhone is as popular as ever before. It also shows that the U.S. market is highly competitive for new developers. If you are thinking of developing an app, then you should consider focusing on smaller markets first, such as the UK, Europe, and even Australia.

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