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How to Write a Press Release for your iPhone App


If you think that press release marketing is dead, then you’re wrong. Yes, they may seem like old school, but press releases can be very effective when you want to let tech journalists and industry publications know about your new iPhone app. The only catch is that journalists get hundreds of press releases every day. That’s why you should make sure your press release is newsworthy and is written according to certain rules and standards. Here are a few tips that will help.

Use proper structure

Press releases are not articles where you can boast about your app. They should be structured properly. Here is what a press release must have:

  • A catchy SEO-optimized title
  • A summary that explains what the press release is about in one or two sentences
  • An introduction paragraph that begins with the release place and date
  • Press release body with a detailed description of the app and its features
  • A closing paragraph with your app’s details
  • Company background
  • Contact information plus the app’s website URL

If you’ve never written a press release before, you can download a free press release template from the Internet. Plus a lot of PR wires offer press release writing advice in the FAQ sections.

┬áDon’t boast

We know how hard it is to control yourself when you release your awesome app. But boasting in a press release is a really bad idea. Don’t use words like “great”, “amazing”, “awesome”, “best” and so on in your press release, and avoid using them in the title at all cost. Journalists are immune to these adjectives and they simply skip press releases that use them in the title.

Another thing you should remember is that journalists (and your users) want to know how they can benefit from the app. So remember to focus on the goal of the app and how it’s useful, not the technical details.

Choose a good PR wire

There are tons of different press release distribution services, which makes it hard to choose a good one. The key to app press release distribution is quality, not quantity. So choose your distribution service well and don’t go for the cheapest option. For example, PRMac is a good wire for iOS developers.

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