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How to Make the Most of App Christmas Sales


Over the years Christmas Day has proven to drive lots of app sales as new devices get activated on Christmas morning. Christmas Day is the day for game and entertainment app sales. In this article we’re going to share a few tips that will help you make the most of app sales on Christmas Day and make your apps as appealing to holiday shoppers as possible.

1. Upload a festive app video

People love Christmas for its festive atmosphere and decorations. So why not make your app’s trailer video suit the occasion? Just like Christmas window displays work for large retailers, a festive trailer can make your app more attractive to holiday downloaders. This technique is best suited for games and entertainment apps, but if you’re creative enough, you can even make a flashlight app look all Christmassy. When the holidays are over, don’t forget to replace the trailer with the everyday version.

2. Offer holiday bundles and discounts

If your app or game supports in-app purchases, it’s a really good idea to go with the flow of Christmas sales and offer some discounts and special bundles. You may even want to offer some of your in-app purchases for free for a limited time to attract new users.

3. Time your releases

If you’ve planned to release new features or simply want to issue an update, the time around Christmas is ideal. Releasing a new feature in your app or a new special level in your game will help you get even more attention and more downloads.

4. Start your social media campaigns in advance

Don’t wait for Christmas Day to arrive to start promoting your app on Facebook and Twitter. Start your social media campaigns in advance to let people know of your Christmas deals, discounts and new features.

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