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Google’s New App Adds a Bit of Android to the iPhone

Less than a week ago Google released a new version of its search app for the iOS.
Not only does it have a new look optimized for iPhone 6, Maps integration and lots of new features, but it also acts like an Android hub on iOS.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the new Google app is its material design that uses bold colors and striking lines so different from the Apple look. This is a bold decision for a UI that doesn’t follow Apple’s aesthetic and brings a taste of Android 5 to iOS 8. So if you as an iOS developer thought that it’s a must to make your app look as Apple-like as possible, Google shows that an app can have its own unique personality and look good on iOS.

The new Google app has some interesting new features. One of them is a Google button that lets you run a search from anywhere within the app. This is a new Google option similar to the plus button in the Inbox app that provides quick access to new messaging options. Another new feature of the Google app is the Resents button that makes your browsing and search history easily available, plus there is the voice search and Google Now options that made it to this version from the previous update.

And last but not least, the new Google iOS app makes it easier to view things on Google Maps. Now you don’t have to open the separate Maps app because you are directed to an in-app version of Maps. These maps are functional, incorporate Street View for the iPhone and let you find what you’re looking for faster.

As you can see, the new Google app is the perfect example of a functional app with clear brand identity.

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