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How to Develop an iOS App Marketing Strategy


When you finish developing your iOS app, you need to tackle the next big thing – marketing your app. How will you go about launching it? Will you simply submit your app to the App Store and hope it will take off? Not a good idea. What you need is a proper iOS app marketing strategy. Here are some tips that will help you develop one.

Build a strong online presence

The first thing you should keep in mind is that it’s hard to become a successful developer if nobody knows about you. Just a website isn’t enough, so no matter how you feel about social media, you’ll have to develop a consistent strategy and a strong presence on several social media sites. Don’t try to get to every single social media site, but establish a strong presence on the ones that work well for your app. Usually a Facebook page with app updates, a Google + account, a Pinterest account and a Twitter feed are enough.

Decide on a revenue model

Unless creating apps is your hobby, you’ll need to decide which revenue model to use. Do some research on how similar apps earn their revenue and then decide. Are you going to earn from ads? Or is your app going to be a paid one? You need to be absolutely certain if you want to succeed.

Choose a good name

An app with a catchy name always attracts more downloads than other apps. Ideally, the app’s name should contain the keyword you want to rank for. But always choose a catchy name without a keyboard over a boring one with a keyword.

Engage your users

Even if you get people to download and install your app, they may still uninstall it after only a minute of use. Make sure you engage your users enough to retain them. And make it easy for them to rate and leave feedback from within your app. Remember that having a good rating increases app conversions.

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