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How to Market Your iPhone Game Before Christmas and Boost Sales


Everybody loves Christmas. But if you are an iPhone game developer and are releasing a new game, you have every reason to love Christmas even more. This is the time when game downloads on the App Store skyrocket and game developers make a lot more sales. Add to that all those new iOS devices that get activated after Christmas and you’ll see why this is the best time of the year for launching your game. In this article, we’ll give you some tips that will help you boost your Christmas sales on the App Store.

Make it festive

The first thing you should do is add some Christmas cheer to your app and make it holiday-proof. It’s pretty easy with a game because you can always add a Christmas theme or issue a Christmas edition. This will result in more downloads.


Don’t be afraid to start promoting your app like crazy. It’s true that Christmas is a good time to go live, but you also have to remember that a lot of other developers will launch around this time. So you’ll have to make sure that there’s enough buzz about your app everywhere. Industry blogs, YouTube videos, newsletters, giveaways, active promotion on social media – you’ll need a powerful marketing campaign.

Have a sale

If you are releasing a paid game, you should consider running a limited-time Christmas sale. The holiday season is the best period for special promotions and giveaways too. You should use these promotions and giveaways to your advantage and create even more buzz about your release. And if you are releasing a free game, you can always make in-app purchases sales and giveaways.

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