How to Create an iOS Game

Do you want to develop your own iOS game? Now is a great time for that because Apple made it easier than ever to develop games for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The new Xcode, Swift and Metal have given mobile game development a jumpstart.

If you want to code the app yourself, have never written code before and have no idea where to start with it, there are quite a few app development courses on Udemy. A lot of them teach you iOS game development, both 2D and 3D.

Once you’re done with learning, you can start checking out available resources. Apple Developer, GitHub and Game Development Stack Exchange are some of them. There are also numerous app development blogs that have lots of useful information.

When you actually start working on your game, keep in mind that you will need to have the following:
– a very clear game idea and a plan
– a wireframe with all the basic functions
– game design sketches
– a developer’s account with Apple

That’s the bare minimum of what you should have before you start coding your iOS game. You may want to code your own app, especially if you want to keep developing apps and games in the future. Or you may want to hire app developers to do everything for you and give you the final product.

When your game is ready and has been tested for bugs, you can submit it to the App Store using iTunes Connect. Before you do that, make sure you check Apple’s submission guidelines and do everything you can to avoid your app getting rejected. Apple is known to reject apps because of small technical issues that you can easily fix before submitting your game.

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