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Expertise and innovation are fundamental when choosing a mobile game development company. For over 15 years, Fan Studio has been among the best producers of mobile games in the industry. Fan Studio’s ascent to the pinnacle of the mobile game industry is due to its commitment towards quality and a strong foundation.

Rich Background and Success Track Record

Established in 2008, Fan Studio has grown to be a force to reckon with when it comes to producing mobile games. We have built a name for ourselves by completing numerous ground-breaking projects that are of high-quality through our team of talented developers, designers and artists. One such project is the “Little Kitten” series which has sold over 1 million paid copies worldwide so far. This success proves that we can make games for all ages.

Complete Game Development Services

At Fan Studio, we offer full-cycle game production services. Our team takes care of everything involved in making a game from brainstorming and design stages up to coding, testing and releasing phases. Here’s what we do:

  • Game designing: involves coming up with concepts for games that are fun to play as well as visually appealing.
  • Game development: We use game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine which are top-notch in terms of features and capabilities when bringing our games ideas into life.
  • Testing: We conduct extensive tests on different devices during development process so as to ensure smoothness and satisfaction throughout gameplay experience for players.
  • AR/VR Solutions: Our focus here lies mainly on player immersion while creating cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) / augmented reality (AR) games.

Notable Projects & Client Success Stories

Our portfolio contains many different types of projects which reflect versatility and expertise within our team members themselves . For instance, some branded title were done together with DHL where they were meant not only entertain their clients but also advertise various services offered by this logistics company worldwide . On another hand , there have been several educational apps designed specifically for kids’ entertainment purposes combined with practical lessons.

Customer Reviews

We always put our customers’ satisfaction first. Below is a review from Raymond G., CEO at ISM:

It was a pleasure collaborating with Andrei and the rest of the Fan Studio crew. Everyone there was very enthusiastic, very skilled, and very open to feedback, suggestions, and changes. They worked tirelessly to meet deadlines and consistently offered constructive criticism and updates. To top it all off, the crew is professional, pleasant to work with, and well knowledgeable.

What Makes Fan Studio the Best Option?

When you choose to partner with Fan Studio, be ready for nothing short of top quality mobile games. If you want your own mobile game developed then there is no need to look further than us because we have everything that it takes . We boast experience , track record as well as passion for excellence . Besides this , we keep finding new ways through which we can enhance current technologies so that our titles stand out from crowd even more.

Get in Touch

Are you ready to bring your game concept into reality? Call us on +44 (0) 203 287 1166 or email now! Let’s create something amazing together!

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