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Leverage Social Media to Increase User Retention and Game Discovery

There are hundreds of thousands mobile games on the App Store. While that is great for the users, it means extreme competition for the game developers. This fierce competition diminishes their chances of making a living from game development. While you can’t control the competition on the App Store, you definitely can control how your game works in terms of player retention. Using social media can give you a huge advantage when it comes to keeping your users engaged and acquiring new players.

Even the best games in the world couldn’t grow so quickly if they didn’t have the right features. These right features often include social features where players can invite their friends via Facebook and Twitter, as well as share their achievements in the game.

Successful games like Hill Climb Racing and QuizUp use social features to add the competitive edge to the gameplay. They also have an invite system that lets players invite their friends to play and compare results later on. In addition to engaging gameplay, rewards, in-app purchases and compelling levels, these social features helped these games go viral.

The main goal of adding social features to your game is to turn your players into paying customers. And then these customers turn into voluntary game marketers and promoters. As a mobile game developer, you know very well how hard it can be to acquire new users. Adding social features will help you spread the word about your game and create a better experience for your current players. So don’t miss this chance and think how you can add social features to your next update.

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