2D & 3D Art for Mobile Games

We have a dedicated 2D game development team that will help you with your concept art design for 2D game animation. We can generate ideas for game environments, characters, illustrations, storyboards, props, and other elements that are required for 3D game development.

2D Game Character Design

We can develop concepts for 2D video game characters that can be rendered for 2D and 3D models. Depending on the requirements of your game project, our team will be able to offer an appropriate 2d character maker service for you. It can be a cartoon, casual, minimalistic, realistic, and many other types of characters. If you will be using your character for 2D animation games, we can also develop different concept art for character poses, facial emotions, and movements such as walking, jumping, attacking, running and so on.

3D Art Game Environments

Environment concept art is required for 2D and 3D games that involve huge locations, worlds, areas that can be explored by players, interactive or non-interactive objects, engagement with other players, and other such actions. Environment concept art is important for game design as both of them usually happen simultaneously at this stage.

Game props

Props in a game help towards the development of the game atmosphere and surroundings. Games that include props with heavy detail make the games more interesting for their players. Props are often coded to generate at random so that there is variety among the different game levels and locations.

Rendered illustrations

Our game art outsourcing team can perform style search and develop concept art for static in-game graphics. These images are generally used for menu screens, loading screens, in-game shop promotions and so on. Static illustrations are also used for advertising games and market promotions.

3D game development

Game Storyboards

Storyboards are a great way to begin with the creation of an animated film, a promotional video, a cartoon or an animated clip. A storyboard includes all the scenes and keyframes that will go towards the development of the film, video or game. 2D and 3D concept arts for games can be produced in the form of pictures and videos that can act as a trailer for what the finished product will look like. They provide a way for creators to visualize the whole process.

How Projects are Estimated at Our 3D Game Studio

We try to get a proper understanding of our customer’s style and vision so that we can produce the best quality game concept art. The more specific and precise you are about your requirements, the better the results will be. Here are some of the steps you can follow to ensure you are getting the best from our Android 3D Game Development services:

1. Provide as many details as you can about your game:

You should tell us as much as you can about the game you are trying to design. Some of the important things to note would be the genre of the game and other games that you have taken inspiration from. You should also tell us about the gameplay mechanics and the lore elements. However, you might feel hesitant to share such sensitive information. In that case, we will offer a Non-disclosure Agreement that you can sign before revealing any details.

2. Specify the deadline, the type and the number

You can let us know about the type of graphical assets you would like us to work on for the moment. The types may include animation, concept, sketch, VFX, character art and so on. You should also inform us about the total number of assets required so that we can have an estimate of the amount of time we need to deliver the results. Another important factor would be a deadline of your preference. This will give our team an opportunity to plan ahead.

3. Provide ample visual references

The best way to explain your vision for the art is to provide our team with visual references that you feel is relevant to the kind of art you are looking for. Your visual references do not necessarily have to be a game art. You can provide us with any image that is related to your work. Apart from examples of other similar games, you can include sketches, in-game arts, character concepts, gifs, video clips, and many more. The more references you provide, the easier it will be for us to offer our 2D game character creator services.

4. Add references for the level of detail

In addition to general visual references, you should also include information regarding how detailed the concept art should be. Our team can produce game art with as much or as little detail you want. Having a better understanding of these specifics in advance will help us manage our work better.

5. Information regarding resolution or size

You should provide us with the resolution at which your game would be running. If you haven’t decided on a resolution yet, you can give the approximate measurements. 

6. Others details and nuances

If you can flesh out the nuances of your concept for us, you will be able to get the most appropriate concept art for your game. The smallest changes can improve the overall quality of the project. For example- will the character have a background? Will the 2D character be used to create a 3D model or 2d animation for games later on? Will the character be cropped and used at another place? These details may seem insignificant, but it is important that we know about them. 

Fan Studio 2D Animation Studio

At Fan Studio, we develop concept art for PC, mobile, games, motion graphics, promotional assets and non-digital projects. We can create concept art for different mobile operating systems including iOS and Android. Our services include concept art for desktop devices, portable, and smart devices such as Mac, PC, Apple TV, Nintendo Switch and other consoles. We can also work on illustrations and concept art for board games. Work with our team of skilled and experienced artists and professionals so that we can help you build something amazing.

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