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Are you looking for the perfect option to outsource game animation services? We are that ideal choice.

Our game animation outsourcing services ensure that your characters, scenes, plots and props come to life in a manner that drives home the experience you want for your audience. With our extensive expertise in 2D and 3D animations, we ensure you get premium-quality products that satisfy industry standards, keeping up with the latest trends on various games across all genres.

What we do

With our attention-to-detail, we make sure our game animations are outstanding. We leave no stone unturned and are committed to creating animations that your audiences love. To develop and market your idea, you can trust our team of award-winning designers who use top-notch tools to bring you excellent results.

We at Fanstudio will handle all your animation outsourcing at fair prices. All you have to do is expect top quality animations.

Can you Outsource Your 2D Game Animation Services?

Of course. With our 2D game animation tools, your animations will be stellar, covering a wide range of 2D elements it lacks nothing. Our team of experts, who have extensive knowledge in the field, deliver excellent 2D game animation. You can trust us with::

  • Character animation
  • Environment animation
  • Prop animation

How About 3D Game Animation Outsourcing Services?

This is no hassle. Our team delivers exceptional results that don’t stop at 2D, but also deliver 3D game animations. Your animations will move realistically with the aid of our motion graphics services. Our high quality motion graphics are perfect for any game.

We love what we do, and your projects inspire us as we bring your ideas to life. Hence, we do your project with care and expertise, ensuring the results tailored to your expectations and those of your audience. After all, our brand depends on word of mouth and we love to keep you happy.

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We do our projects exactly according to the client’s requirements. Hence, you can trust that your animation will be perfect for the story you want to tell. With our team’s experience and skillset, your project will have its own unique and spectacular style that you are sure to love.

Character Animations

Whether you require 2D or 3D character game animation, we have got you covered. We do various types of projects, including cartoons, fiction and reality-like videos. We also provide animation services that you can quickly implement- like plug and play-, no matter how complex your project is.

Environment Animation

From the characters to scenery, we deliver every single time. After all, what good is having high-quality characters without an environment to match? The interior and exterior environment will look exceptional with our realistic set-ups where every object is arranged in such a way that it adds to the story you are telling.

Props Animation

Props are essential when it comes to bringing the story to life,be it 2D or 3D. We organise highly detailed props to suit your project’s settings, ensuring that they are placed in such a way that it enhances your idea effectively.


Art Director

The art-director works with you closely to ensure that the project’s mood satisfies your requirements. With full control over creating the animation- from the idea to the end product,- the art director makes sure not to miss any details. With their extensive expertise and experience in video production, the art director can easily capture your idea, producing a timeline of when the result will be ready.

Project Manager

The project manager has a thorough understanding of the product, no matter what developmental stage it is in, ensuring that the whole team works smoothly and executes the project goals in time with stellar quality. They will be in charge of transferring your ideas to the team, delivering your desired result promptly.

Technical Artist

The technical artist is the right connection between artists and developers, possessing expertise in both fields. By ensuring effective communication between the art and development teams, your project’s artistic vision is satisfied without compromising on the technical aspects. Hence, both elements are balanced according to your needs.

Lead Animator

The lead animator supervises the animation team on the work’s effectiveness and other details follow the timeline and needs for the project. The result is high-quality animation, and the artistic value stays in line with your requirements.


With years of expertise in the industry, our animators work their magic to bring your project to life. Their extensive knowledge of all areas involved in 2D and 3D animations enables our animators to implement your ideas in a rich aesthetic animation. 


  • Timely delivery of projects
  • High-quality standards
  • Extensive and in-depth industry expertise
  • Up to date with the latest industry trends
  • Projects across all platforms
  • Boost the visibility of your product and its impact


A team that is dedicated to delivering on projects with excellence

Our team is committed to delivering exceptional results. We consider every task to be a fascinating challenge to hone our skills and bring your ideas to fruition. With extensive experience in providing high-quality 2D and 3D projects, we are here to support at any stage of your project of any complexity.

Latest Tools

We ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest market trends to utilise the best technologies and give you the best results. We make use of only top-notch tools and techniques that are in line with  industry standards to deliver premium quality animation that stays true to your idea.


We are available to discuss your next or ongoing project and see how we can help Trust us to give you only the best and watch your idea transform into reality. Contact us here.

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