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Fan Studio provides cutting-edge mobile game development services for those looking to get on the current wave of mobile games. We offer Android game development and iOS game development options.

The mobile gaming industry is massive and, more so than other gaming industries, has the potential to attract much wider audiences. But mobile game development requires more than just a good idea.
Fan Studio will take your idea and use our knowledge of technical processes to create a fun and attractive mobile game.

Fan Studio Game Development

How mobile game development works?

Mobile game development is a fairly straightforward process but requires lots of technical knowledge and industry experience. There’s a difference between simply creating a mobile game and developing a game that’s guaranteed to be a hit.

We use the very latest technologies, softwares and gamification services to ensure that your mobile game will stand a chance and will give you a return on the investment. Here are the steps we take when developing a mobile game app.

1. Begin with an idea

The first step is, of course, the idea. It can either be a completely new and innovative type of mobile game or a new way of playing an existing format. Whichever you choose, it’s vital that you give the audience something they haven’t had before. Considering the massive range of mobile games, this can be tricky.

Our mobile game development services work with your idea to transform it into something fresh and exciting. We can help you decide on genre and format, but you’ll have to come up with ideas such as your audience and general gameplay mechanics.

Mobile Game Development Engagement

2. Decide on gameplay that hooks people in

Long-winded games have their place, but it’s not in the mobile game world. When it comes to mobile game development, you need a format that consists of short levels with interesting gameplay, things for players to unlock, and a reason for them to keep playing. This is a time-tested strategy that works perfectly for mobile games.

3. Which gaming platform?

Part of the mobile game development process is deciding which platform you want: Android or iOS, Steam, consoles or Nintendo Switch. While you can create a game for all the platforms, this is more expensive and takes longer. Decide which will be most profitable based on your potential audience and focus on that one.

4. Come up with a design

Mobile games are more complicated to design than other apps because they have more going on. Pay attention to small details and the overall look, as mobile gamers will certainly notice a well-designed game.

5. How will you monetize it?

There are 3 main strategies for monetizing a mobile game, which at the very least should cover your investment. You should decide which strategy you want to use before developing your game, as this will affect the process. Your options are:

  • In-app purchases. Designing a free game with optional purchases for more enriched gameplay is a popular way to monetize mobile games.
  • Advertising. In-game ads are very common and can generate plenty of revenue, providing the ads are related to your target audience. It’s worth developing an ad strategy for best results.

Premium games. Premium mobile games require a purchase to play, but it’s always worth offering a free trial so people can see if they like it.

6. Get the game developed

The final stage is to arrange mobile game development services. Fan Studio will work with your ideas and strategy to develop and test your game. Our goal is to professionally design and develop a product that you can turn into a business. That said, one of the most important elements in this is a fresh and interesting idea.

The important thing for you to note is that mobile game development is quite a long process. Once the game has been written, it needs to be tested and debugged. Although this can take time, working out any kinks during production is one of the keys to building a successful and popular mobile game.

Android game development

Android is the most popular mobile operating system; it accounts for roughly 72% of the market. Around 2 billion people play games on their Android devices, making this a potentially very profitable market depending on the game.

We use Android Studio for game development because it offers the fastest and most accessible way to create apps for the Android operating system. As it’s developed specifically by Android, it has all the necessary tools for Android mobile game development.

Android studio game development is arguably the quickest and easiest way to create all kinds of mobile games. It offers app security, coding services, Google Cloud integration, emulation, and more.

After you come to us with your Android game ideas, we’ll use our mobile game development software to design, create, and test your idea until we come up with the perfect game. The process is lengthy, but the benefit of hiring a professional game development firm is that you have the reassurance that your idea is being developed to the highest standards.

iOS game development

Apple’s iOS is the next most popular mobile operating system, accounting for roughly 26% of the market. While iOS game development requires working on a different operating system, we provide the same high-quality process on both platforms.

This includes:

  • Creation and modification of the game engine
  • Producing game assets
  • Modifying and testing game aspects
  • Integrating advanced features

IOS uses Swift as one of its main programming languages. It’s open-source and widely applicable to IOS apps, making it a good choice for writing games. However, IOS can also use different programming languages, so as IOS games developers we’re not limited by these factors.

As of IOS game developers, we know the ins and outs of Apple’s operating system. There are several excellent pieces of mobile game development software that we can use to create your game. Some of the most popular are:


Unity is ideal for both 2D and 3D mobile game development. It has great functionality and a robust ecosystem designed to enable your success.

Unreal Engine

The Unreal Engine is one of the most popular development tools for games on any platform. It’s easy to use and provides excellent graphic capabilities.


This engine is perfect for both Android game development and IOS game development and is suitable for independent studios. It offers cross-platform functionality and built-in monetization features.

Mobile game development FAQs

How do I start the process of mobile game development?

All you need to start the process of mobile game apps development is an idea. A unique and fresh idea is the most important thing, and any further strategy can be built around it. At this stage in the mobile game world, a good idea is more important than anything else.

How long does mobile game development take?

Mobile game development services depend on the game. Simpler games can take around 3-6 months to develop and test, while longer and more complicated games can take years depending on the size of the team working on them.

How much does mobile game development cost?

The price of developing a mobile game entirely depends on the size and complexity of the project. Rather than give you rough figures that might not be applicable, we can discuss this with you directly as part of the early stages.

What information do you need to start developing my game?

To get started on developing your mobile game, we need to at least know about your idea. If you have a game design document (GDD) written up, that will definitely help. We’ll then be in contact to discuss things further.

Can you develop cross-platform mobile games?

Our services are applicable to both Android game development and IOS game development, but we can also offer cross-platform development. This process does take a bit longer and is more expensive, but it’s entirely possible.

What is the difference between hybrid and native mobile games?

A native mobile game is written in code specific to one operating system, such as Swift for IOS. A hybrid mobile game contains some elements of native code but is mainly written in a language that all operating systems can work with. Both have their advantages depending on what kind of mobile game you’re developing.

What are the main genres of mobile game?

Mobile games can either be specific to one genre or contain elements from several. The main categories for mobile games are:

  • Arcade
  • Strategy
  • RPG
  • Puzzle
  • Adventure
  • Shooter
  • Platform
  • Sports
  • Art
  • Music

We can happily combine elements of different genres depending on your idea and target audience. For example, it’s quite common for adventure or shooting games to include RPG elements for character development.

What is the best option for monetizing a mobile game?

The best option for making money from a mobile game is to combine in-app purchases and advertising. These are the most popular monetization options, and combining them gives you the best chance of success. However, this does also depend on your game and target audience.

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