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Fan Studio is an award-winning designer of mobile game UI and mobile game UX. We can help you come up with a game user interface that sets yours apart from the competition.

The mobile gaming industry is more significant than ever, so you need a flawless user interface to set your app apart from the competition. We create high-quality mobile game UX and UI that makes people want to play.

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What are UX and UI design?

Mobile game UI refers to the user interface, while mobile UX refers to the user experience. While some might use the terms interchangeably, they do refer to very different aspects of the design process.

The key to creating a hit mobile game is knowing the difference between the two and being able to integrate them seamlessly into the wider game. We work with your ideas and requirements to create the best UI and UX for your mobile game.

As part of our mobile game design process, we’ll help you to come up with the appropriate user interface and user experience. Our method can take some time depending on the complexity of the project, but it usually boils down to the following steps:

1. Planning

We begin by listening to your ideas and discussing them with you. The type of mobile game UI / UX that’s best will depend on several things, including genre and format.

Our years of experience in mobile game design mean we can suggest the most suitable types of UI and UX for your project, but we always work with your ideas in mind.

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2. Pre-production

Before we get started on designing the UI and UX, we have to consider other elements of the game design. For example, factors such as the game’s narrative and how the fourth wall works are essential when deciding on the best UI and UX.

3. Design

We then use these elements when we design the mobile game interface. It’s essential to consider which aspects of the user interface appear in-game, and which are “in front” of the fourth wall. Finding the right balance between the two improves the user experience.

4. Testing

As with any game app design, testing is a crucial element. It allows us to find any bugs in the game UX and UI before it’s released. Considering the user experience is the cornerstone of any game, this is a critical process and can take time.

The user experience is dependent on so much more than just the user interface, and we bear this in mind during the testing process. Testing must be rigorous to produce a fun game that people will want to play.

Once testing is complete, we can move on to the final stages and release the game. Providing we started with a good idea and have met the mobile game design brief; the result should be a highly popular new release!

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What is mobile game UI?

Mobile game UI refers to the user interface, which includes both elements in the game and elements that only the player is aware of. The game user interface has the potential to impact immersion in some titles, so it’s essential to get this just right.

The interface includes elements that help people play the game and find their way around. Standard features include health bar and map, but it can also include things such as text notifications and pointers.

The user interface can be broken down into two broad categories: diegetic and non-diegetic.

Diegetic elements of the mobile game UI exist within a game’s space, and the characters in the game are aware of them. A good example would be the speedometer in a racing game.

Diegetic elements have to be carefully balanced against immersion, and placement is critical to avoid ruining the player’s experience.

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Non-diegetic elements of the user interface exist outside of the game’s space, and no characters in the game are aware of them. These elements are crucial for a good experience and for navigating a game. Common examples include stat bars, timers, and damage meters.

The placement of non-diegetic elements is also crucial, as they need to be easily visible but should not get in the way of the game. While diegetic elements can be thought of as in-game, non-diegetic elements basically exist outside of the fourth wall.

What is mobile game UX?

Mobile game UX refers to the user experience and basically dictates how playable a game is. After all, a player must have a good experience for them to want to return.

The critical thing with game UX design is to consider how all elements combine into an overall experience. This includes narrative, graphics, gameplay, and user interface. Finding the right balance between everything is the key to producing a popular game.

It’s worth thinking about user experience as a person-centred process. It covers how the end-user interacts with the product, and so it’s essential to get it right. As a leading game user interface designer, we know how to correctly balance all the elements to come up with the best user experience.

Another critical element to consider in your mobile game UX is how you integrate the monetization options. For example, advertising is a popular way of monetizing a game, but it’s essential to not make pop-up ads ruin the game’s immersion. We will work with your ideas of monetization to ensure that the game will make money but will still be playable and provide a good user experience.

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How do mobile game UX and mobile game UI work together?

The key to a successful app is finding the right balance between mobile game UI / UX. Both elements are as essential as the other when creating a hit game, and knowing how to work with them is the mark of a top-quality professional developer.

A UX designer will research to understand what your potential audience wants, and by extension, what features you should include. This can include things as simple as the colour of the text and how the buttons are laid out.

This information is then used to design the mobile game interface. The mobile game UI design is basically the final touch and should include elements decided upon during the user research stage. Properly designed UI will almost always lead to good UX. 

It’s worth understanding that mobile game UI / UX complement each other, and you need to consider both to produce an excellent mobile game. Here at Fan Studio, we ensure the right balance is met during the mobile game design process so you end up with a product that sells.

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