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3 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Your App Marketing

There are numerous mobile app success stories that inspire people to jump into the mobile app development business. Unfortunately there are just as many disastrous failures in the industry because not all apps succeed. Some apps are simply not good enough, but what about quality apps that fail in the end? In most cases bad app marketing is responsible for that. So, here are three things that will help you do your app marketing campaigns the right way.

  1. Take your time to plan

When your app is ready for release, it’s really tempting to put it out there as soon as possible. But if you’ve done no pre launch marketing and if you haven’t planned any marketing activities for the launch yet, it’s best to wait with the release.

Running app pre launch marketing campaigns will help you raise your target audience’s interest and marketing your app right after the launch will ensure that you get installs straight away. So take your time to plan your marketing strategy and remember that it’s never too early to start promoting your app.

  1. Ensure a bug-free release and ask for ratings

Nothing can hurt you more than bad ratings and reviews on the App Store. People simply don’t download apps that have fewer than four stars if they can help it. Keep this in mind when releasing your app and test everything thoroughly before the launch.

When your app is live, make sure you ask your users to rate the app if they like it and send you feedback if they think there’s something wrong with it.

  1. Engage with your target audience

The best way to ensure your users love you is to create a good product and communicate with your audience. Everyone likes knowing that there are real people behind a product. So, be actively present on social media, respond to people’s feedback and communicate with your users through newsletters.

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