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3 Tips for a Successful User Acquisition Strategy

Your app is nothing without users. So, when you post your mobile app on the App Store, user acquisition becomes your main goal.
In this article we’re going to share with you three tips that will help you build a successful user acquisition strategy.

  1. Create an app that helps users solve a problem

Unless you’re into mobile game development, you should concentrate on building a problem-solving product. Apps that solve a real problem show the best results. If an app doesn’t help people in any way and doesn’t make their lives easier, it’s hard to convince them to download and install it.

Take a look at apps like Duolingo and Uber. Duolingo helps people learn a foreign language on the go without spending hours in a classroom and Uber helps them get from point A to point B in a quick, affordable and hassle-free way. Both these apps solve real problems people have, so no wonder they are so successful.

  1. Make the most of the Freemium model

Most people would readily download a free app if it sounds right. If you’re still thinking about which revenue model to choose, consider going for Freemium. Making the core features of your app free and offering in-app purchases works well for a lot of apps in all sorts of categories. As long as you plan things well and don’t offer too little or too much for free, you won’t have a problem acquiring new users and making money in the long run.

  1. Create a referral program

What can be better than having your users bring new people to the app? For some apps creating a referral program is a great way to attract new users. It all depends on the type of your app, but pretty much any freemium or paid problem-solving app can benefit from referrals. Oh, and you don’t necessarily have to reward your users with real money – offer them free credits, free premium features, access to exclusive content, etc.

Hopefully, these tips will help you attract more new users to your app and make them loyal customers over time.

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