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How to Promote Your iOS App on Pinterest

Facebook ads and Twitter app cards are the most popular ways to promote your app on social media. While it’s important to be on Facebook and Twitter, it’s also important to remember that there are other networks around. In this article we’ll share some ideas about promoting your iOS app on Pinterest.

Create App Pins

As an iPhone app developer, you’re in luck because Pinterest partnered with Apple and made it possible for people to install apps without leaving Pinterest through App Pins. So, all you need to do is create attractive App Pins. To do that, use high-resolution images (app screenshots or anything else that’s relevant) and point the pin to your app’s listing on the App Store. The pin will have an “Install” button so that people can install the app right away. Keep posting interesting and beautiful App Pins because the better looking they are, the more repins they will get.

Enable pinning from your app

Another good way to promote your iPhone app on Pinterest is to enable pinning from the app. You can do that thanks to Pinterest mobile SDK. Integrating Pinterest with your app is great if you have content that users can pin. For example, using Pinterest SDK can do wonders to shop apps where people would pin product images.

Create a board for your app

Pinterest boards are collections of images of the same subject. Creating a board for your app will help you keep all related pins in one place and will also attract followers. When you create a board for your app, don’t stick to posting screenshots only, but post everything that you think is relevant and interesting.

Another thing you can do is join related group boards and repin some of your app pins there. This will make more people see your app and gain you more followers.

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