Tips to Help You Increase User Awareness with Social Media Marketing

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Everybody is on some sort of social media sites these days. Some prefer Facebook, others take pictures of every moment of their lives and post them to Instagram, and some go to Twitter to read the latest news. For mobile app marketers social networks are a great way to promote apps to millions of people and make the app viral. If you manage to increase user awareness on social media, people will start to promote your app organically and it will have a good chance of becoming viral. Here are some tips that will help you achieve that.

Develop a content strategy

The only way to make people interested is to post interesting content that will attract Likes, retweets, shares and most importantly clicks. If you think that you can post whatever (just like via your personal accounts), you’re wrong. Social media marketing requires a content strategy, quality content, and attractive images and videos. So do plan ahead and create content for social media posts in advance.

Post user-generated content

Search YouTube for video reviews of your app, someone playing your game or someone posting screenshots on Instagram. Then share all the quality user-generated content you can find through your official accounts. Remember that people don’t really trust developers, but they do trust other users.

Boost your reach with ads

Have you noticed that your posts get buried really quickly on Facebook and disappear in a blink of an eye on Twitter? To prevent that from happening, leverage Facebook’s and Twitter’s advertising features. Boost your posts on Facebook to keep them visible and use app install cards on Twitter to attract new installs.

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