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Fan Studio, a VR game development company committed to the growth of your startup or a big corporation. Fan Studio helps strengthen the bond between our clients and the users of the products we build for them through our experience-centred designs. This suggests to the users that they always come first without you stating it.

Grow your business by letting your customers into the immersive world of your dreams; show them what you all can achieve together using realistic game characters developed by Fan Studio. We ensure that every product we build never loses the human touch; that way, users create a stronger connection with the product.

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Fan Studio’s AR & VR game development is the answer to every demand for an efficient, genuinely engaging, and custom AR/VR solution. Click here to get started.

What are AR and VR?

What is AR?

Not to bore you with too much technicality, Augmented Reality (AR) is where the real and virtual worlds meet. This is merely experiencing reality with digital manipulations from the perspective of an observer. 

More and more companies invest in AR because it has shown that it attracts more customers and drives up revenue. 

User experience has always been one of the critical factors in revenue increase, and Fan Studio is all about improving user experience to drive up sales.

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What is VR?

VR is the acronym for Virtual Reality. It is the creation of a whole new world, or reality, using codes on sophisticated platforms. VR coding is a high-intensity skill that needs a dedicated team, a conducive working environment, and the right tools to carry out projects successfully. And Fan Studio has all these and more.

Why embrace AR and VR now?

Tech giants such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and HTC invest billions of dollars in AR and VR research. The world of Augmented and Virtual Reality is the future. This is evident in the Globe Newswire report. The report placed the estimated revenue of the AR and VR market at USD 22 billion in 2020, and in 2025 the income would be eight times that.

Services we offer

Fan Studio is very flexible when it comes to the needs of our clients, you. We handle requests that involve building all forms of AR and VR games, web and mobile applications, webVR, storyboarding, 3D modelling, spatial audio, UI/UX design, etcetera.

Game development

Fan Studio creates quality AR and VR mobile game apps for both gaming and non-gaming companies. Your vision is fully implemented in the development of your dream game and fit the purpose you intend.

Gamers are adventurers by nature, and they let their intuition wonder far. We will help you develop a fully immersive game that will continuously stimulate them. I mean, who wouldn’t love a game where characters are given life and appear in our world?

Take advantage of our professionalism and expertise in creating the reality you desire.


AR game development

We build all types of AR games. AR gaming experience involves the user interacting with characters of the game in the real world. This ranges from geolocation games to AR FPS games. The augmented reality system and platform on which the game would run is no challenge as our experience has it all covered.

vr game development

VR game development

Virtual Reality games are kind of like time and space travel. The user is teleported in the game world and interacts with the characters and the environment like it is the real world.

Why you should outsource AR/VR game development to us

Expertise second to none

Our VR developers team is familiar with using the latest tools available in the virtual reality coding world. With over 200 apps and games, it is safe to say that Fan Studio is far ahead of many industry competitors. Our in-depth knowledge of the platforms on which these games will be running makes the build process almost seamless. This is why our games and apps are in the top class regarding how smooth they run, and how impressive the image quality turns out to be.

Top-notch creativity

Fan Studio handles every part of the AR/VR app development; this allows all aspects of the application to cohere. We ensure that we know and understand your industry’s market structure, after which we come up with a strategy that will help scale and monetise the app.

Superior project management

To get the best out of every project, everyone at Fan Studio vets and crosschecks the project before final approval. At this meeting, the best route to build the game is agreed upon before we begin work. Our project management style helps us get projects in record time; this way, you spend less on a project than the competition.

Why Fan Studio?

Why would a brand as massive as DHL work with us if they didn’t have absolute faith in us? 

Fan Studio has consistently delivered in the AR/VR game development area for over a decade, for a client base that cuts across three continents. You are assured of excellent user experience, smooth-running AR/VR games, and a properly structured sales channel by our team of marketers to ensure you have an impressive return on your investment.  

To get an estimate of how much it costs to build an app or game, click here to get started.

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