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How to Leverage Twitter to Promote Your Mobile App

Are you looking for a really effective way to promote your mobile app and get more installs? Of course you are! Then head over to Twitter and start marketing your app there without any delay. According to Twitter’s internal data, over 80% of Twitter users are on their mobiles, so they can install your app straight away if you manage to get them interested enough. Here are some tips that will help.

  1. Build a strong Twitter presence

Everybody likes genuine people and companies. That’s why it’s very important to first build a strong presence on Twitter and only then start promoting your app. Your first step is to build an attractive and distinctive Twitter profile with a custom background and profile image that represent your app. Then post some relevant tweets with relevant hashtags, and then follow some related profiles, like industry bloggers and other app developers. Doing that should help you gain some followers.

  1. Gain followers

The next step is to start gaining more followers. Your goal is to gain quality followers that are genuinely interested in your app and service. Posting relevant and interesting tweets with carefully selected hashtags will definitely help, but you may also want to promote your account. When you run a campaign to promote your account on Twitter, your profile gets lots of exposure to relevant people because your tweets appear on the “Who to Follow” tab and in your potential users’ feed.

  1. Advertise your app via App Cards

Twitter has a dedicated ad format for advertising mobile apps – App Cards. These cards let mobile users preview the app’s image, view app ratings, and encourage people to install the app directly from their timelines. You can include tracking codes in your ads to measure conversions.
When used right, Twitter will boost app installs and expand your audience. So if you’re not promoting on Twitter yet, now is the time to start.

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