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Tips to Help You Get More out of Facebook Install Ads for Less

App install ads on Facebook are really effective. According to AppTamin, they provide the best ROI to advertisers, so you definitely should try to advertise on Facebook. But what if it costs more than you like? Here are some tips that will help you minimize your spending and maximize app installs driven by Facebook ads.

Narrow your targeting

Are you advertising your app across the whole globe? The whole of the USA or the UK? If so, then most likely you are overpaying for areas and audience you’re not interested in. If you are still testing out how Facebook ads work and how well they perform, target specific cities and areas. You’ll see how the amount of suggested bids will change from city to city.

To take the maximum advantage of targeting specific areas, analyze your organic installs and single out the cities that send you the most users.

Don’t let Facebook manage your bids

It’s very tempting to set bidding to “Automatic” and let Facebook manage your bids especially because they promise to give you the most app installs at the best price. However, their best price can be too expensive for you. If you’re on a tight advertising budget, it’s best to set your bid amounts manually.

Consider your target audience

Demographic research is a must in app marketing and advertising. Who are the majority of your users – male, female, under 30 or over 30? Researching your demographics will help you narrow down your target audience and target your ads more specifically.

We hope that these tips will help you optimize your Facebook advertising budget and get more app installs for less.

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